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3D Rendering

Backyard Design Software

In minutes, create professional 2D and 3D backyard layouts online.


Layouts for professional back yards and 3D visualizations

Backyards shouldn't be overlooked. Professional home builders, remodelers, yard designers, and others can make backyard design a priority with the Plannify backyard designing tool.

Plannify's software for landscape design allows you to design your backyard online with a variety of 3D objects.


Simple-to-use Backyard Planning Planner

Begin your landscaping project by using the 2D backyard layout plan and then watch it transform in 3D in a separate browser window. To give clients the exact level of detail they desire, you can add trees, lawns, decks and fire pits to your backyard design.You can create captivating presentations that practically illustrate your vision and help your customers visualize their future homes confidently.

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2D and 3D Design of Backyards

An easy-to-use online tool for backyard design allows you to quickly create detailed plans in 2D and view them in 3D. You can also generate photorealistic renderings within 2 hours.

Professional home builders and contractors use 3D renderings to:

Remodelers use 3D renderings to:

Interior Designers use 3D renderings to:

Plannify 's backyard planning software is used by landscape designers to create simple-to-read backyard plans. This software is ideal for early stage landscaping planning. To give an aerial view of outdoor spaces, symbols represent outdoor elements such as trees, gardens, furniture, and water features.

Six Key Backyard Planning Considerations

There are many factors to consider when designing your backyard.

Use and Purpose

You must first consider the use of your backyard when designing it. You will need to work with your client to determine the intended purpose of the space: entertainment, cooking & eating, gardening, relaxing and swimming, or just plain playing. Is it intended for adults or young children? Don't forget about your pet's needs.

Environment & Climate

When designing a functional backyard, it is important to consider the environment and climate. Shaded vs sunny areas, wind and temperature all play a role in the design of a functional backyard.

Planting Zones

It is important to determine the best zones for planting based on temperature and rainfall. These will ensure that all your hard work in gardening doesn't go unnoticed. These are easy to identify.

Divide Your Space into "Rooms"

Your outdoor space does not have to have walls as an interior space. However, it doesn't mean that it cannot have other "rooms." These could include wildlife zones, cooking and dining areas, vegetable gardens, and sports areas. Think about what you want, and then figure out how it can be integrated into your backyard.

Connect the Areas

After identifying your backyard spaces, you will need to plan how to connect them. You can choose from more elaborate concrete or wooden walkways, or simple stepping stones.

Locate Utilities

Before you start planning your backyard, make sure to find out where utilities like pipes and other utilities are located. This will help avoid any major problems. This will help you determine where to dig for landscaping elements, and where lighting fixtures or water fixtures can be placed.


Example of Backyard Design

You can make backyard planning simple and communicate your ideas with clarity, confidence and speed. These are just some of the landscape designs Plannify users have created.

Common Backyard Design Components and Symbols

It is important to highlight certain components in your backyard design and include them in symbols. These are the most important components you should include in your backyard layout:


Plot Lines

To identify the beginning and end of land, add plot lines.



The design and construction phases are easier when accurate dimensions are used.



Identify driveways and patios, paths, decks, artificial grass, firepits, and other features.



Draw a plan of where the vegetation and garden areas will be located in the layout.


Electric Outlets

It is important to know where the electrical outlets are located so that you can choose lighting placements and other electrical elements.


Water taps

The location of water taps can help you decide the position of plants, decks, patios, etc.

Common Backyard Design Components and Symbols

It is important to highlight certain components in your backyard design and include them in symbols. These are the most important components you should include in your backyard layout:

1. You can draw or import your back yard layout

You can easily import an existing backyard design into the backyard design software and then draw your new design over it. You can also start completely from scratch. You can draw your backyard and outdoor living spaces in minutes. Select symbols to represent trees, decks and patios.

2. Adjust exterior parameters

While your 2D drawing might be flat, most backyards aren't. A panel to the right of your lawn will allow you to adjust its thickness and height. You can add raised beds to your garden design and create gentle slopes in your backyard by displaying their heights 2D.

3. You can customize the materials in Zone

You can use a variety materials in each zone of your backyard design. You can customize your outdoor space with gravel, pavement, or tile to give the viewer a sense of what is beneath their feet. Click on the desired zone to select the material you wish to apply.

4. Add exterior objects

Plannify has a collection of 3D objects that users can add to a floor plan, or backyard design. Any backyard design can be enhanced with exterior objects. To achieve the desired style, add fire pits, barbecues and pools to any backyard plan. These elements can be placed in both your 2D or 3D yard designs using the drag-and-drop feature of Yard Design Tool.

5. Get Backyard Furnishings

To help clients plan where they'll be sitting when designing their backyard, add exterior decor and furnishings. You can choose from over 3,000 3D furniture choices and add your personal touch using the customization tool.

6. Create photorealistic designs

Plannify will create a photorealistic rendering of your backyard design once you have completed both the 2D and 3-D versions. The rendering can be completed in under 5 minutes. You can then continue with your projects while Plannify generates the photorealistic view.

7. Download and share backyard designs

Once you're done, you can download your photorealistic backyard plan and share it with clients and colleagues. Export your 2D floor plan or 3D photorealistic backyard design to easily share with clients. Enterprise users can also access the Plannify platform to share the design with colleagues.