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Create 2D and 3D Site Plan Designs With Plannify

In minutes, create professional 2D and 3D backyard layouts online.


Site plans are a crucial element for home builders, architects as well as remodelers and designers who are looking to conclude more deals and generate more income. The old method of making plot plans is slow and complex to be scalable for any type of business growth. The modern technology has provided an innovative solution: software for creating site plans. Plannify is the top software used by professionals to create site plans.

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2D and 3D Site Plan Designs

Your 2D plan for your site may appear flat, but it adds an incredible amount of detail when you present your clients with it. Since the 2D version is able to only contain many visual details within two dimensions. It eliminates some of the less appealing elements and provides vital information about the floor plans quickly and precisely. Plannify lets you design sites plans that are 2D that include total area calculations as well as a myriad of other details in just a few minutes, not days.

Remodelers use 3D renderings to:

Interior Designers use 3D renderings to:

Six Key Backyard Planning Considerations

There are many factors to consider when designing your backyard.

Use and Purpose

You must first consider the use of your backyard when designing it. You will need to work with your client to determine the intended purpose of the space: entertainment, cooking & eating, gardening, relaxing and swimming, or just plain playing. Is it intended for adults or young children? Don't forget about your pet's needs.

Environment & Climate

When designing a functional backyard, it is important to consider the environment and climate. Shaded vs sunny areas, wind and temperature all play a role in the design of a functional backyard.

Planting Zones

It is important to determine the best zones for planting based on temperature and rainfall. These will ensure that all your hard work in gardening doesn't go unnoticed. These are easy to identify.

Divide Your Space into "Rooms"

Your outdoor space does not have to have walls as an interior space. However, it doesn't mean that it cannot have other "rooms." These could include wildlife zones, cooking and dining areas, vegetable gardens, and sports areas. Think about what you want, and then figure out how it can be integrated into your backyard.

Locate Utilities

Before you start planning your backyard, make sure to find out where utilities like pipes and other utilities are located. This will help avoid any major problems. This will help you determine where to dig for landscaping elements, and where lighting fixtures or water fixtures can be placed.

3D Rendering With Surrounding Buildings

With this view, your clients can better understand your model in relation to the surrounding buildings and structures'.


Example of Backyard Design

You can make backyard planning simple and communicate your ideas with clarity, confidence and speed. These are just some of the landscape designs Plannify users have created.

Unrivaled Support for Architects and Builders

Enterprise as well as Pro Plannify users get a personal account manager as well as one-on-one instruction to ensure you make the most of each feature.

Complete Site Plans Lightning-Fast

With Plannify home builders and architects can produce extremely detailed plans for their sites in just two minutes or less. Compare this to weeks or days using traditional methods of creating site plans.

Huge Object Library for Detailed Site Planning

Plannify is packed with an enormous collection of 7,000 3D customizable objects, which include furniture, decorations and even surface covers, which allow floor designs to life.

Simple and Effective Site Plan Software

Plannify was developed with user-friendliness at the forefront on our priority list of priorities. This is why we offer the most user-friendly interface, which is packed with the most user-friendly features to build the most effective site software for planning.

A Complete Toolkit for Professional Site Plan Layouts

Plannify is the complete toolbox that allows you to design full site plans in a matter of only a few seconds. The program comes with plenty of tools to improve the speed of the process of drawing architectural plans and increase the quality of designs so your company can provide only the highest quality and client satisfaction.

Draw Any Type of Site Plan With Ease

Every kind website plan will be beyond reach with Plannify's software for planning your site. Create 3D, 2D and 2D multi-structure and rendered site plans in a matter of minutes.


Import Site Plans

Import a site plan in a variety formats so that you can continue where you left off the blink of an eye.


Draw in 2D & View in 3D

Make a plan for your site in 2D with a few drawing tools and then watch it come to life in amazing 3D with a separate screen.


Draw & Print to Scale

Draw site plans easily to scale and print with highest precision to scale each time.


Access a Library of 3D Objects

Select from more than 7,000 configurable 3D objects that will make your floor plans come to life.


Resize Site Plan Layouts

Resize the entire plan in just a few clicks. There is no need to start over in your software when the smallest aspects change.


Share Site Plan Designs

Export plot plan plots with ease and in various formats that you can share with colleagues and clients. Receive instant feedback and make any changes swiftly.


Include accessibility features

Create a real-world site plan and usable to construction drawings by incorporating everything right down to the smallest detail including easements, in a clear and easy-to-read format.


Apply Surface Coverings

In just two clicks, you can apply surface coatings to floors, roofs as well as walls, decks porches, patios and areas for swimming pools and outdoor areas. Plannify's software for site plans includes pre-designed stunning surface covers that will turn heads of customers.


Add Dimensions

Include dimensions in a short and easy table on the sides of your site designs and place them directly on the most important elements in the plan of your site so that everyone can see the complete product.